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Our team has worked for two years to take investors to the next level, by bringing markets to life with 3D animation in the browser.

The results are in now and our app is able to access and display financial data for the entire US stock market.

With one click on any browser, investors can tap into an animated data stream that both informs and entertains.

I am very proud of the efforts of our team and we hope that you enjoy this new approach to investing!

Mark Mullins, Fizzi Founder

Fizzi Creative Team

Mark Mullins, Canada - Producer

Danilo Babovic, Serbia – Lead Developer

Boris Celic, Serbia – Motion Design

Julian R. Fogel, Spain – Music

Mohsen Heydari, France – Graphics Programming

Daniel Mullins, Canada - Tech Consultant

Dave Mullins, Canada – UX Design

Dmytro Rukavishnikov, Ukraine – Graphic Programming

John Skoog, Sweden – Sound Design

Oleksii Sokolovskyi, Ukraine – Object Animations

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